This Is Kba Not Lkpg

by Hope Haven

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released October 18, 2013

All songs written by Hope Haven
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Onkel Olof at GrinderSound in Sonic Train Studios.
Additional recordings at Kungsbacka Hardcore Recordings



all rights reserved


Hope Haven Kungsbacka, Sweden

Hope Haven is

Osten - Vocals
Katten - Guitars
Bertilsson - Drums
Dödgrävaren - Bass & Vocals
Nordenberg - Guitars & Vocals

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Track Name: För lite, för sent
Vad gick snett? Vad gick fel?
Är det för sent att ta tillbaka?
Ett öga för ett öga & en tand för en tand
Vad blev kvar & vad försvann?

Se på vad du gjort! Visst känns det fel?

Vad gick snett? Vad gick fel?
Vad fick dig att ta till vapen?
Ett ögonblick av rädsla?
En mardröm som blev sann?
Ett öga för ett öga & en tand för en tand

För lite, för sent - för jävla fel
Så fel det blev, din avsikt var bättre
Track Name: Kronwalled
You picked up the puck - in the defensive zone
You tried to play it safe
You forgot to keep your head up – and now you paid the price
A hit is what you get


Your body on the ice – all your limbs gone numb
You failed to play it safe – HIT 'EM UGLY, HIT 'EM HARD
Never keep your head down – when you've got the puck
A hit is what you get - HIT 'EM UGLY, HIT 'EM HARD
Track Name: Ett Arbetsliv
Blev du, som jag, lovad guld & gröna skogar?
Fått en spottloska & en lunchkupong?
Blivit bedragen, lurad & förnedrad?
Fått en spark & en käftsmäll?

Har du någonsin fått känslan att du har blivit rövknullad?
Har du? Varför gör du ingenting åt saken?

Bevingade ord om förbättring?
Slickat röv utan förtjänst?
Serverad lögner, sågad & förnedrad?
En klapp på axeln och löneavdrag?

Bilvit förd bakom ljuset & nu står jag här med min lunchkupong.
Med brallorna nere vid fotknölarna blir jag besudlad igen.

Lurad & förnedrad
Track Name: To The Point
To the point - of absolute pointlessness we're headed nowhere fast
To the point - and I make my point this shit ain't going to last
To the point - Yeah what's the point, we're on a downward slope

And we still speak of progress - as we're headed for the cliff
The wheels will keep on turning and none will fucking quit

Progress, progress speaking of progress - when we can't co-exist
Progress, progress speaking of progress - Get up and resist

And I thought I could resist
And I thought I had it straight
But a void grew on me
Left me begging without mercy
Track Name: Hockey Fight
We were told we were in charge but empty promises litter our path
We were told we had a choice but we were left without a voice

We fight fight we fight the fight

Decieved and fucked from the start
Left with a hole right in the heart
We have been taken for a ride
We turn around for another round
Track Name: Kungsbacka Hardcore
Talking about the old days; about One Minute Left
Years have gone by but we stood the test

Hardcore in our minds
Hardcore in our hearts
Get into the pit and make it fucking count

I saw Sparrow Touching Water
I saw Refused in ’98

KBA Hardcore
Track Name: Crime Of The Century
Hold on to your money in the dead of night
Greedy creatures rape your bank account
The steal your dreams and leave you shackled to the ground
These greedy cunts will make it look right & sound

Guilty as fuck with blood on their hands
The untouchables always get away
Ready to fuck you over another day
Secure your savings or they will go away

This is the crime of the century
The crime for the century
A billion victims but no one to blame

Tax cut - Tax raise
The working man gets fucked
Bail out - Tune out